Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility will be determined at the mid and end of each trimester. At the middle and end of each trimester ranking period, students will be evaluated for eligibility in interscholastic athletics. This evaluation uses a rubric available in the Student Handbook, accessible at .

Students must earn a minimum of 12 out of 20 points to be eligible.

Behavioral Eligibility

All students are expected to display proper behavior at all extra-curricular sports/activities, contests and games. This includes adhering to all school rules and Maine State Law. While players are not participating they are expected to stay involved in the activity. There will be no horseplay, etc., which would draw adverse attention to the Glenburn teams/groups. Students who do not display proper behavior may be suspended from the team by the coach/advisor.

This also includes riding on the bus. Students will observe all safety procedures and keep the noise level to a minimum. Students removed from bus services for disciplinary reasons are not permitted to use the school transportation to or from sports/activities during the removal period.

Physical Eligibility

All students must have a sports physical by a physician before trying out for any extra-curricular sports in accordance with Glenburn Policy JJID – Physical Examinations of Student Athletes. However, anytime a student has sought medical attention for an injury or illness that would preclude them from participating in any aspect of a sport, for any period of time, they must obtain a return to play permission from his/her physician before further participation in sports is allowed.

Returning of Uniforms and/or Loaned Equipment

Students are responsible for the proper care and return of all uniforms and loaned equipment. Students having an outstanding uniform or assessed fee are ineligible to participate in extra-curricular sports/activities until the uniform/equipment is returned or paid in full.


Students who are under suspension are suspended from all extra-curricular sports/activities during the suspension time period. Students will be given a minimum of twenty four hours notice for detentions. When serving a detention students will not be allowed to participate in any after-school activities the day of the detention. If a student doesn’t attend detention on the assigned day they will not be allowed to participate in after school activities until the detention is served. Suspension from any extra-curricular sport/activity for any length of time includes tryouts.

Questions About Eligibility

Final decisions on eligibility matters are made by the school principal.

After School Sports and Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in after school sports and activities. Glenburn is a member of the Penobscot Valley Middle School League and competes against several other middle schools. Students who participate as spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship and behave respectfully and appropriately at all times. Students will remain in the gymnasium or at the sporting event while games are in progress.

We look forward to another exciting and enjoyable year of Glenburn sports. If you have any questions about whether your child is eligible or if you need the forms, just call the school at 947-8769.

Go Chargers!!!!