The Glenburn School STEAM Lab is a 21st century learning environment designed to integrate technology into all aspects of learning at the Glenburn School. The STEAM Lab's goal is to use technology to teach higher order thinking and problem solving skills. Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to use the 3d printers, laser cutter, and vinyl cutter housed in the lab to design and create objects that integrate knowledge from multiple content areas. Robotics kits for all ages are used to problem-solve solutions to problems and to demonstrate content knowledge. The STEAM Lab also has the ability to be utilized as a traditional science lab as well, with lab benches and equipment.

Many of our technology-related clubs and after school activities are based out of the STEAM Lab. In the past year, we have run robotics, rocketry, and Cube satellite clubs out of this space.

For more information about the STEAM Lab, please contact David Davis or Ken Worster.