Glenburn School is a learning center preparing 21st Century Learners.

It is our goal to focus our teaching on each and every child at Glenburn School.  We believe learning occurs every day in many ways and we are committed to encourage such learning.  Children need to be guided socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.  It is our focus to foster the growth of the “whole child”.  Children who attend Glenburn School will become active members in our learning community, prepared to be productive future leaders and life-long learners.
The students at Glenburn School will be challenged to achieve success through developmentally appropriate and responsive curriculum.  The Glenburn School curriculum will meet the needs of each learner.  We collaborate with families because having a strong positive connection between home and school is critical for successful educational experiences.
In addition to children learning every day and in order to set and maintain standards of excellence, we expect the Glenburn staff to expand their knowledge base.  Teachers, administrators, and support staff will use the latest research to ensure that Glenburn School’s curriculum is meeting the needs of all learners, through differentiation, individualized instruction, and project-based opportunities.  Our professional development will embrace the goals of each educator to guarantee continuous learning.  We are a team of highly qualified, collaborative professionals working to meet the needs of students.
As the hub of the Glenburn community, our school welcomes families, area businesses, and friends to join us in supporting the success of all children in their future endeavors.  Community members have an impact on the future of our students at Glenburn.  As part of this community, we are environmentally responsive and responsible.  We encourage everyone to be involved in the education of our youth.
This is a place of creativity and problem solving, filled with passion for learning.  No one gets left out and no one falls through the cracks.