Help the yearbook staff by submitting candid photos. When producing a yearbook, there can never be enough photos from which to choose. When you're at a school event and taking pictures, why not submit some of your best school-related candid shots for the yearbook staff to consider for use in this year's book? Attached is a flyer describing how you can submit pictures to the yearbook staff. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer in this regard.
3 months ago, Glenburn School
Submit school-related candids to the yearbook staff.
Nurse Springer would like you to know that the school still has COVID rapid test kits available. If you have need of some, please contact the main office.
3 months ago, Glenburn School
I hope everyone has enjoyed this long holiday weekend! I'm sure families are beginning to think about lunches for the upcoming week. Keep in mind that both breakfast and lunch are free to all students! Click on the "Dining" link to see what's on the menu for this week.
3 months ago, Angela Pratt
Families . . . Let's spread Glenburn PRIDE! We have a new selection of apparel--see below. Contact Robyn Hernandez: with any questions.
3 months ago, Glenburn School
Glenburn PRIDE Apparel
Why not consider joining Glenburn School PTF, or helping with a PTF event? For more information, e-mail:
3 months ago, Glenburn School
Glenburn PTF Information
We're thrilled to announce the new app for Glenburn School! It's everything Glenburn School, in your pocket. Download for Android Download for iPhone
3 months ago, Michele Mahar
It's everything Glenburn School, in your pocket (V1)
We are so excited to have our students back today! Thank you parents for entrusting us with your child(ren)'s education!
3 months ago, Glenburn School
I can't wait to get to my new homeroom!
It's finally time for lunch.
What is for lunch?
First Day Glenburn PRIDE!
We look forward to welcoming community members at the Glenburn School Open House tonight, Tuesday, August 30th from 6-7
3 months ago, Richard Modery
For those new to Glenburn School. First of all, welcome!! We are thrilled to have your family with us. First days can be confusing, so here are a couple items to help Day One become a little less stressful. 1. If you are dropping your child off, drop off begins at 7:45 in front of the school. Follow the arrows to find the direction of the traffic. There will be lots of staff outside to help guide your child(ren) to the appropriate room. 2. Dismissal begins at 2:35. You will arrive in the same location and when we see you, we will radio for your child(ren). 3. Your child is taking the bus? You can call Cyr Bus at 992-2224 to get an approximate pick up time. 4. Breakfast and lunch are free to ALL students! Your child will be dismissed from the classroom for breakfast. Reach out anytime to 947-8769 and the main office staff will happily assist you!
3 months ago, Angela Pratt
First Day of School is August 31st! Have a great summer break!
5 months ago, Glenburn Elementary School
We are looking forward to launching our new website and app this summer! Stay tuned for updates!
5 months ago, Glenburn Elementary School